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Proud and Professional

Paola founder The Lumibox photobooth


Hi, I’m Paola, The Lumibox’s creator. I have a passion for vintage cameras and as a photographer, I love capturing happy moments in people and pets.  Besides, I was born in one of the happiest countries in the world COLOMBIA, so happiness is part of my DNA.  The Lumibox combines my passion and photography together.  What a perfect job! 


I wish the happiness I've had creating this company is also enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

Claire, the creative artist of The Lumibox photobooth


Hi, I'm Claire!  I'm a creative being and Paola thinks I see things upside-down and from unique perspectives (I think that's a compliment!). I bring my creativity to The Lumibox in its branding, design and overall image online.  I also work as an artist - visit Instagram @art.acero

Milu our beautiful black rescued dog. The Lumibox photobooth


Milu is our dog.  She's head of relations and communication!  She keeps us active and reminds us that animals are equally as important.

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